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The Choice School IBDP Admission Policy


The Choice School fosters a culture of embracing challenges as a means to personal and academic growth. Here, we believe in providing opportunities for students to undertake challenges that align with their academic readiness and personal development. Our commitment to equality is the cornerstone of our admission policy, ensuring every student has a fair chance to join our educational community, regardless of their background or personal characteristics.

The admission process at The Choice School begins with interactive sessions involving candidates and their parents, setting the foundation for a holistic evaluation. We offer a unique approach for students aspiring to be part of our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). We do not impose entrance exams, standardised test score requirements, minimum grade point averages, or subject grade prerequisites. Instead, we recognise that true participation in the IBDP stems from a personal commitment to the challenge it presents. While parents and guardians may desire their child to be part of this esteemed program, we believe that a student’s intrinsic motivation plays a pivotal role in reaping the benefits of the IBDP.

When a tenth-grade student expresses interest in the IBDP, we facilitate a one-on-one meeting with our IBDP coordinator. This meeting is a platform for discussing students’ academic and career aspirations and reviewing their academic history, standardised test scores, and teacher recommendations. Any concerns about the suitability of the IBDP are addressed collaboratively between the student, parents, and coordinator, leading to the development of interventions or alternative plans, if necessary.

We respect the importance of parental consent in the decision-making process for participation in the IB Diploma Program. This consent is symbolised by the parent or guardian’s signature on the student’s course request form, completed in the year preceding enrollment.

The Choice School endeavours to establish an inclusive environment that places high regard on the potential and aspirations of every student. Our admissions policy reflects our commitment to providing opportunities to all while emphasising the importance of personal motivation and commitment to academic challenges like the IBDP. This policy outlines our guidelines and criteria for admission into the IBDP at The Choice School.


The Choice School, anchored in knowledge, Character, and Health (KCH), provides a safe, inclusive, holistic, happy learning environment in an evolving, diverse world by equipping the students with scientific temperament and social skills to become global citizens in collaboration with a competent, supportive community.



At The Choice School, we envision a passionate learning community that fosters a growth mindset for every student in a happy, caring and stimulating environment, providing them with equal opportunities to discover and develop aptitude and attitude for learning in an equitable environment that inspires and ignites curiosity, creativity and confidence to transform lives and the world.


Prospective students seeking admission to The Choice School are expected to exemplify the IB Learner Profile in their characteristics and behaviours. Furthermore, we expect applicants to exhibit qualities such as curiosity and receptiveness to new ideas, diligence, dependability, effective communication skills, and a willingness to engage in continuous learning. Furthermore, strong time management and organisational abilities are vital attributes that are essential for success in the IB program. Alongside these personal traits, candidates must also meet specific admission criteria, which include:

  1. Eligible candidates for the IBDP must have successfully finished the equivalent of Grade 10 within a recognised secondary educational system.
  2. Prospective students must maintain a commendable academic track record and strongly commit to embracing a demanding and all-encompassing curriculum.
  3. Given that the IBDP holds international recognition, it is imperative that students exhibit a high degree of proficiency in the English language.


  1. Individuals interested in applying for the IBDP should initiate the process by filling out the official application form on The Choice School’s website or visiting the admissions office.
  2. In conjunction with the application form, candidates are required to provide the following documentation:
  3. Academic transcripts and reports for the preceding two academic years. ii. Two letters of recommendation from educators or school administrators. iii. Any available results from standardised tests or examinations, if applicable. iv. An essay or personal statement delineating the student’s ambitions, interests, and motivations for pursuing the IBDP at The Choice School.
  4. Proof of English language proficiency if applicable.
  5. To ensure a smooth application process, all applications and accompanying documents must be submitted by the specified deadline. This deadline can be found on the application form or will be communicated by the admissions office.


  1. Admission determinations are derived from a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s application, encompassing academic achievements, personal attributes, drive, and the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the school community.
  2. In cases where there is an excess of qualified applicants, additional considerations may come into play, including factors like diversity, balance, and the student’s capacity to excel in a demanding academic environment.
  3. The final decision lies within the purview of the Admissions Committee, and all decisions are promptly communicated to the applicant.


  1. Should an applicant receive an offer of admission to the IBDP, they must confirm their acceptance within the designated timeframe and submit the requisite enrollment fee.
  2. After completing the enrollment process, students are expected to participate in an orientation program designed to acquaint them with the IBDP’s requisites, regulations, and expectations.

The Choice School is deeply committed to nurturing a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for our students, empowering them to reach their full potential. The IBDP is an outstanding pathway for students to cultivate the essential skills, knowledge, and global perspective necessary for success in their future educational endeavours and beyond. We warmly invite all eligible applicants to explore the array of opportunities available through the IBDP at The Choice School.


This document is a dynamic resource for administrators, IB faculty, school counsellors, students, and parents, providing essential information regarding admission into the IB Diploma Programme or as a Course Candidate. The Admission Policy undergoes regular reviews every two years, with the possibility of more frequent revisions if alterations in the school’s student demographics, state or national regulations, or modifications to IB course offerings and sequences necessitate such updates. The review panel will comprise the admission head, the school head, the IBDP coordinator, and the DP staff.

Last Reviewed: September 25th, 2023
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