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The Choice School IBDP Language Policy


The Choice School, anchored in knowledge, Character, and Health (KCH), provides a safe, inclusive, holistic, happy learning environment in an evolving, diverse world by equipping the students with scientific temperament and social skills to become global citizens in collaboration with a competent, supportive community.



At Choice School, we envision a passionate learning community that fosters a growth mindset for every student in a happy, caring and stimulating environment, providing them with equal opportunities to discover and develop aptitude and attitude for learning in an equitable environment that inspires and ignites curiosity, creativity and confidence to transform lives and the world.


The Choice School is an independent co-educational day and boarding school serving Kindergarten through to Grade 12 students. Our commitment revolves around nurturing students in their primary language of instruction, which is English, as well as their home language, whether it be Hindi, Malayalam, or Sanskrit. Additionally, we promote the exploration of foreign languages like French and Spanish and the cultural development of all our students. We actively seek the involvement of teachers, parents, and the broader community during school hours and encourage our students to actively embrace diverse cultures and languages.

Choice School places language at the core of communication, comprehension, and individual and cultural development. Our language ideology is firmly grounded in the significance of English as the principal medium of instruction while simultaneously acknowledging the vital role of mother tongue languages and the chance for students to delve into additional languages. The following principles guide our language philosophy:

  1. English as the Main Language of Instruction:

Proficiency in English is paramount for students to thrive in our increasingly interconnected and globalised society. Hence, at The Choice School, English is the primary instructional language. This choice empowers students to cultivate robust communication aptitude, excel academically, and foster critical thinking skills. Across all academic disciplines, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), English is the medium of instruction, ensuring students establish a strong linguistic foundation.

  1. Language Acquisition:

In order to enhance the language learning journey of our students, we extend the option of selecting a second language. Introducing students to an extra language bestows many advantages, such as enhanced cognitive abilities, a deeper grasp of cross-cultural perspectives, and heightened communication proficiency. The availability of a second language choice empowers students to delve into their linguistic interests and expand their horizons.

  1. Appreciation for Mother Tongue Languages:

At The Choice School, we provide Malayalam as a language option, honouring and recognising the significance of students’ mother tongue. While external assessments in Malayalam aren’t conducted in the DP, Hindi, one of the major languages spoken in the country, is available as Language B. Understanding the deep-rooted cultural heritage and identity associated with mother tongue languages, we extend teaching in Malayalam, Hindi, and Sanskrit until grade 10. We actively support the development of proficiency in these languages, acknowledging their pivotal role in enhancing cognitive growth, language learning, and overall academic achievement. Our school values and celebrates the multitude of languages that contribute to the richness of our community.

  1. Culture and Literature:

Language isn’t just a tool for communication; it’s also a conduit for cultural expression and comprehension. At Choice School, we acknowledge the significance of delving into literature and cultural dimensions within every language we teach. By immersing themselves in literature, students connect with a wide array of viewpoints and develop an understanding of the values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds of various societies. This engagement cultivates empathy, global awareness, and a profound admiration for the profound influence of language in shaping human experiences.

  1. Inclusion and Language Support:

We embrace the diversity of our student population and are committed to establishing an inclusive atmosphere that facilitates all students’ academic and linguistic growth. We offer language assistance for those students who require extra support in honing their English skills. Our specialised language support initiatives are designed to guarantee that each student has an equitable chance to excel and actively engage within the Choice School community.

In conclusion, our language philosophy is firmly grounded in the primacy of English as the primary medium of instruction. Concurrently, we are strongly dedicated to honouring mother tongue languages and providing the opportunity for a third language. The process of language acquisition is a voyage of discovery, cultural enrichment, and personal development, equipping students to evolve into adept communicators, empathetic global citizens, and perpetually curious learners.

1. Language of Instruction

  • English is the primary language of instruction at Choice School for all academic subjects, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).
  • As a mandatory requirement, all IBDP students must select English A: Language and Literature as their language A subject.

2. Language Acquisition

  • Language B Option: French, Spanish or Hindi

In order to encourage linguistic variety and foster cultural appreciation, students enrolled in the

IBDP will have the choice between French, Hindi or Spanish as their Language B selection. During the program, they will engage in comprehensive language learning, encompassing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills development. For students needing extra assistance in these languages, personalised one-on-one support will be accessible.

  • Language B Initio

We offer the Language B Initio course as an alternative for students starting with little to no prior exposure to French or Spanish. This program is specifically tailored to equip beginners with fundamental language competencies and essential cultural insights. The emphasis is placed on nurturing practical communication skills and fostering comprehension of straightforward texts.

3. Mother Tongue Langauge

  • Choice School places high regard on the significance of maintaining a strong connection to one’s mother tongue language and cherishing cultural heritage. As a result, students can select either Hindi, Malayalam, or Sanskrit as their third language until grade 10. In grade 11, students can choose Hindi as Language B.
  • Studying a third language is deemed a compulsory element of our school curriculum, aimed at facilitating students to connect with their cultural roots and expand their linguistic competencies.
  • Students can pick their preferred third language during the course registration procedure. The Choice School will then appoint qualified teachers proficiently in the selected language to conduct the third language classes. Choice School will furnish essential educational resources, including textbooks, supplementary materials, and access to language learning technology to facilitate the learning process. There will be no external assessments conducted for the third language.

4. Support and Guidance

  • The school’s administrative team and the language department will provide continuous support and guidance to aid students in successfully acquiring and developing language skills.
  • Routine assessments and feedback will be provided to track the advancement of students in their individual third-language courses.
  • The school will arrange cultural events, language workshops, and activities with the aim of further enhancing students’ comprehension and appreciation of their selected third language.


The school’s head, the IBDP coordinator, and the DP staff will conduct regular reviews of the language policy in cooperation with the language department to ensure its efficacy and alignment with the educational context. Any necessary revisions or adjustments to the language policy will be made based on feedback, emerging research, and the evolving needs of the student body.

Note: This language policy will be implemented in harmony with the policies and guidelines set forth by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Last Reviewed: September 27th, 2023
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