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About The Choice School


The Choice School, anchored in knowledge, Character, and Health (KCH), provides a safe, inclusive, holistic, happy learning environment in an evolving, diverse world by equipping the students with scientific temperament and social skills to become global citizens in collaboration with a competent, supportive community.


At Choice School, we envision a passionate learning community that fosters a growth mindset for every student in a happy, caring and stimulating environment, providing them with equal opportunities to discover and develop aptitude and attitude for learning in an equitable environment that inspires and ignites curiosity, creativity and confidence to transform lives and the world.


At The Choice School, we firmly believe that academic integrity and personal character development are essential pillars of a student’s education. All students enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme expect to produce original work in every aspect of their studies. Proper credit must be accorded to the creators of resources when referencing them, emphasising the school’s commitment to honesty and integrity. This policy is a comprehensive guide, ensuring our academic environment remains free from falsehoods and unethical practices. It effectively communicates our sincere dedication to this principle.

Both students and educators are responsible for adhering to the codes of conduct and accepted practices delineated in this document, ensuring the utmost respect, recognition, and appreciation for individual efforts and the work of others. Our Academic Honesty Policy has been crafted to cultivate an understanding of international and global institutions’ ethical and professional standards, empowering individuals to contribute effectively towards a better and more peaceful world.

The importance of proper citation to acknowledge the originator of work is underscored throughout this policy. This document will delineate the roles and expectations of various stakeholders within the IB community at The Choice School. Furthermore, it elaborates on how the school will handle instances of student academic misconduct and cases of school maladministration, aiming to bolster confidence among students, parents, the school community, and other stakeholders in the value and credibility of IB grades.

To know more about The Choice School, please visit www.choiceschool.com

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