IB Program

Facilities & Resources



Equipped with modern teaching aids, interactive boards, and ample space for discussions.

Science Laboratories

For biology, chemistry, and physics experiments.

Computer Labs

Access to computers for research, programming, and various subject-specific applications.


Equips students with the skills and knowledge essential for success in higher education and the workforce.

Arts Studios

Dedicated spaces for visual arts, music, theater, and other creative endeavors.

Sports Facilities

Gymnasiums, sports fields, swimming pools, and tracks for physical education and extracurricular activities.

Common Areas

Spaces for group discussions, collaborative work, and student interactions.


Educational Materials

Textbooks, online resources, and subscriptions to educational platforms supporting the IB curriculum.


Laptops, tablets, educational software, and access to the internet. Teaching Staff: Qualified teachers trained in the IB curriculum and its teaching methodologies.

Support Staff

Librarians, lab technicians, counselors, and administrative staff.

Assessment Tools

Tools for formative and summative assessments, including IB examination resources.

Extracurricular Activities

Resources for clubs, societies, and activities complementing the IB curriculum.

Professional Development

Budget and opportunities for teachers' ongoing training and development in IB teaching methodologies.

Additional Considerations

Community Engagement

Resources for community service initiatives and partnerships.

Cultural Diversity

Resources to promote understanding & appreciation of diverse cultures and languages.

Special Needs Support

Facilities and resources to cater to students with diverse learning needs.

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